U14 | Design and Innovation
Advanced Dictionary Features

Section 1: Video — getting your mind ready to learn new words

Complete this show-your-progress task before you begin this unit.

Section 2: Vocabulary List

These are the words and phrases we will be focussing on in the vocabulary practice below. Which words/phrases do you know already? Are there any that you've never seen before?


balcony brick building ceiling concrete construction cottage design device elevator engineering frame gadget housing innovation invention landmark lift-shaft occupant platform quarry residence skyscraper staircase steel storage structure tension timber


airy conventional cosy cramped curved disposable domestic exterior functional futuristic high-rise innovative internal mass-produced modern multi-storey old-fashioned ornate prefabricated single-storey spacious state-of-the-art traditional two-storey typical ultra-modern


activate automate build condemn construct decorate demolish design develop device haul hoist invent maintain occupy reconstruct renovate support trigger

⚠️ Show your progress

Before you do any of the exercises below, make sure you have completed one or both of the tasks in the Show Your Progress PDF. Remember to keep a record of how you answered the questions.

💯 Vocabulary Practice

Work through these exercises in this order to learn and practice the above vocabulary.

  1. Exercise I

  2. Exercise II

  3. Exercise III

  4. Exercise IV

  5. Exercise V

  6. Exercise VI

  7. Exercise VII — Word building

  8. Exercise VIII — Pronunciation

After the learner-training video, you will have a chance to practice the vocabulary in an IELTS Academic reading.

Note: If you would like to discuss anything related to the theme of Design and Innovation with other students, click here.

Section 3: Learner-training video — Advanced features of free online dictionaries

Learn about the more advanced features of freely-available online dictionaries that will help you to expand your vocabulary.

Section 4: Real-world IELTS practice

Doing real IELTS exam tasks like the one below will help you to get used to them. If you want an even more realistic experience, try to complete the task within 20 minutes.

Practice doing this IELTS Academic reading task that features vocabulary from this unit.

Section 5: Wrapping up — show your progress

Do the show-your-progress task again and compare it to what you did at the beginning of this unit.

Do you see how much progress you have made? This will keep your motivation levels high and help you to achieve the 7+ in the IELTS exam.

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