James Castleden

Owner & Operator, IELTS Step-by-step

Contact me at ieltsstepbystep@gmail.com.
I work with many online schools, promoters and marketers. If you're one, please feel free to reach out to me.

Please note that because my courses are so popular and effective, many have been copied and cloned illegally. Most illegal sites have been shut down, but new ones pop up sometimes. For this reason, I will only be assisting students who reach out to me on the official course platform — Udemy.com. All other requests for help using this email address will be ignored.

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Here you can meet other students who are also completing the same courses, and you can organise online meetings to discuss and compare. Remember, the best way to learn a language is to use it, so this is a great way to do that with people from all over the world.