My name is James Castleden.
I've been teaching English for more than 20 years.

I have experience teaching very low-level learners (beginners), to native English speakers (I also teach English literature), and I've taught kids as young as 7 and adults as old as 88. I really love teaching and watching my students make fantastic progress every day.

I started teaching at an International House (IH) school, where I received my CELTA certificate from Cambridge University; four years later I completed my DELTA (Diploma in English language Teaching to Adults), also from Cambridge University. These organisations use the very latest research into language learning to inform the teaching methodology used by the teachers in their schools and teacher training colleges. After 7 years of teaching at IH schools, I completed my MA in Applied Linguistics at Leicester University. It was after this that I became an IELTS examiner with IDP.

My student-centred approach to teaching and my extensive knowledge of online teaching techniques has allowed me to teach over 15,000 happy students from all over the world, with mostly 5-star reviews. Students starting at B1 intermediate level (±5.5 on the IELTS exam) regularly get 7.5 or even 8.5, having fully completed my IELTS courses online.

I love hiking, the outdoors, travelling, photography and oil painting, and am very interested in the potential of decentralised technologies such as the blockchain and DAG.

I began my online IELTS teaching career on YouTube, before becoming a Udemy tutor. Here are some of my videos.

'Honey lexis' — the secret to finishing the reading exam with time to spare. Knowing what it is and where it is will help you to find the answers to certain question types very quickly.

Watch me complete a real past IELTS Reading exam that I've never seen before. Do you notice the strategies I use to manage my time?

In this video, I give step-by-step reasons for the answers in an IELTS exam. These types of video were so popular, I decided to call my channel IELTS Step-by-step.

IELTS Writing and Speaking examiners pay particular attention to something called coherence and cohesion. This video helps students to make the points in their essays very clear and logical.

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